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  • The most common reasons for therapy

    can be alleviated with Contemplative Psychotherapy



    Anxiety can stem from unresolved trauma, or a restless mind- often from not being able to be what we want to be – which, in turn, comes from not knowing who we really are.



    Almost always, depression results from genetic, biochemical, environmental, or psychological factors. Do you understand yours'?


    Unresolved Trauma

    Trauma is in the nervous system and body, and not in the event. It is more about our response to the event and whether we have processed it both psychologically and physically.




    What is Contemplative Psychotherapy?


    It is a holistic approach

    that values the mind-body connection,

    by supporting the

    restoration of balance in the body,

    the quieting and focusing of the mind,

    and the connection to a realization of soul or spirit,

    the aspect of our being that seeks

    goodness, truth, and beauty.















    Cognitive behavioral therapy

    or talk therapy

    is helpful,


    it is limited

    to the aspects

    of the mind.











    A contemplative approach

    invites awareness to naturally

    arise within you—


    an alertness to an intelligence

    that is greater than

    thought alone.









    Contemplative practices can include


    experiences such as:


    somatic experiencing


    mindful breathing


    sound meditations


    guided imagery


    passage meditation


    introspective journaling




    centering in nature.











    If you would like to experience a
    contemplative practice,
    but you’re not sure where to begin,
    we suggest you explore the
    Tree of Contemplative Practices.








    "Your vision will become clear 
    only when you can look 
    into your own heart. 
    Who looks outside, 
    who looks inside, 
    ​— Carl Jung​








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