• Rebecca A. Tavangar

    Contemplative Psychotherapist













    What is Contemplative Psychotherapy?






    It is a therapeutic approach

    that utilizes contemplative practices

    to help individuals

    develop a relationship with their

    interior selves, their own knowing, intuition

    and interoceptive capacities...





  • because cognitive behavioral therapy

    or talk therapy

    is helpful,


    it is limited

    to the aspects of the mind.






  • A contemplative approach invites awareness to

    naturally arise within you—


    an alertness to an intelligence

    that is greater than

    thought alone.



    Contemplative practices include :


    ​breath or sound meditations


    guided imagery meditations




    reflecting on insights




    centering in nature



    which can assist in liberating you

    from the unconscious patterns of your mind.


    Psychological well-being

    requires attention to

    your body, mind and spirit.


    the wisdom of your body

    When allocating attention to embodied experience, there is an increase in two complimentary senses:

    presence-one’s connection to the moment, and

    agency-one’s ability to effect change.

    the power of your mind

    The mind consists of mental states such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and images --

    conscious and unconscious.

    Each mental state has a physiology associated with it:

    a positive or negative effect felt in the physical body.

    the animation of

    your eternal self, or spirit


    Spirituality, which encompasses the spirit,

    can be understood as an internal press,

    a transcendence of self toward something greater,

    an inherent capacity for growth,

    and an illumination of intelligence.



    Learn to breathe,


    and pay attention

    to your life mindfully:

    to explore what your values,

    your calling

    and your strengths are,

    to understand your areas of growth,

    and to hold your new insights

    with compassion, a sense of curiosity

    and humor.




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  • About me

    I am a composer, an artist, a mother, a writer, an apiarist (bee-keeper),

    and I love to garden with my husband.

    The threading light of merit that winds itself through my life experience has been that of meaningful connection to all that nurtures insight, promotes growth, spiritual clarity and peace.

    I look forward to meeting you!