• Contemplative Psychotherapy












  •  begins with

     Contemplative Inquiry:









    an initiation of awareness orienting

    an individual to the

    wisdom of their own soul.




    “What does your soul

    want to reveal?"














    “This is love:
    to fly toward a secret sky,
    to cause a hundred veils

    to fall

    each moment."







  • By releasing the incessant cycles of thought

    which significantly limit potential

    to relate to self, others and the world,

    you create space to re-center to

    your own presence,

    your own breathing.

  • talk therapy is limited

  • Many psychotherapy clients

    say they want

    to participate 

    in something deeper, 

    such as

    experiential therapies.











    Contemplative Psychotherapy supports experiential practices such as:


    breath exercises




    silent meditation

    (concentrative or receptive)


    centering in nature




    subtle yoga






    sound meditations


    guided imagery





  • which engage and expand a felt awareness

    of a transcendent dimension, 


    one in which we hold

    an implicit regard

    for life’s meaning, purpose and fulfillment.  








    Shifting one’s focus from a fear of suffering

    to the meaning inherent within that suffering gives rise to

    an intentional actualization of capacity

    and is an essential feature of

     positive psychological functioning.









  • Mainstream psychotherapy targets your pain source and treats the indications of that pain by altering the unwanted emotional symptoms.




    However, contemplative psychotherapy considers your introspective knowing as acutely refined and beneficial, and deems that healing occurs when you free yourself from pain by awakening and experiencing the moment and your role in it completely.




    Learn to breathe,


    and pay attention

    to your life,

    to explore what your values,

    your calling

    and your strengths are,

    and to hold your new insights

    with compassion, curiosity

    and humor.


  • About me

    I am a



    artist, advocate,


    and apiarist (bee-keeper).

    The threading light of merit

    that winds itself

    through my life experience

    has been that of meaningful connection

    to all that nurtures insight,

    promotes growth,

    clarity and peace.


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